According to your requirements, we will prepare a product development strategy.
When searching for new products, we use our elaborate know-how and our
long standing network. All results are analyzed and pass through several testing phases
to assess their usability. We will submit a small variety of choices (including a statement)
for your decision.

Depending on your sector, requirements and demands, we will develop individual
solutions for your company regarding name proposals, scope of protection,
assessment of clientele, sales market, commercial relevance as well as graphic design.

Emsig AG is your operational partner with access to a network consisting of creative
and gifted minds. We exclusively work according to the following price model:
Modest lump sum (not including traveling expenses) + 5 %
of the proven plus in turnover after two years

- Uniqueness boosts attention and interest.
- Uniqueness distinguishes your enterprise from the competition.
- Uniqueness associates thoughts and emotions to your enterprise.